Quit rolling your eyes. You know…you’re not in my shoes. You don’t have to raise my future Offspring. Nay, the Ranman needs to sit down and come up with a strategy with my wife. And a part of that strategy includes what toys we expose them to along with what music they’ll grow up with.

I mean, I worry that our kids will not know the likes of Rock music seeing as everything these days are all “pop” music. Really? Coldplay and Kings of Leon are what’s left for Rock? Oi vey.

So yea. Toys. Regardless of gender, I feel our kids need to know the basics. Below will be their intro to the Thundercats, ho. No no, mom. I know you read this blog here and there- leave it up to you to read the part where I use the word “ho” when blogging about being a first time father. I meant “ho” as part of what they say on the cartoon “Thundercats”- not the word “ho” with reference to what we call some family members…

Here’s what my future boy/girl gets upon breaking the birth-blocking placenta, sort of a “good job kid, now don’t swallow any parts not intended for you”: