We went to the gyno for a blood test recently. At Week 16, Mrs. Ranman and I expect a bigger bump, more of a weight gain, and perhaps other symptoms/indicators of pregnancy. So these trips to the gyno are always a good sanity check. After dropping her stream into a cup, the Mrs. passed the exam room I was told to wait in. The nurse scolded me for letting my wife walk past the room without calling her. I did a courtesy “psst” as a courteousy call to Mrs. Ranman so I am a pretty good husband. As payment the nurse stabbed Mrs. Ranman rather than just take her blood:


It was rather awkward watching someone else getting their blood taken…it’s usually just your own blood being drawn. I am proud to say I did not faint. Bring on child birth with all its placenta juice and ectoplasm!

So the current weight seems good based no comment from the gyno lady, and according to the machine thingy which listens to the baby’s heart, all is well with a heart beat in the 150s. Mrs. Ranman made a good point: I should record these trips on my phone so that we can review the heart beat because it’s such a proud moment hearing what you’ve spawned.

It’s hard to tell what protocol is in the gyno room for a dude like myself. You have robot legs at the feet of the examination seat…as if to say the doctor doesn’t trust you to keep your legs in awkward angles whilst she judges your Netherlands. And the pictures on the wall. I’d feel like a pervert whipping out my camera just to record my own personal life altering event. So selfish of me.

We got the good gyno lady today. She talks slow and actually took the time to listen to us rather than put us on a gurney and kick us towards the elevators.