This is my view when I perform crunches in the room we currently use as our gym. Almost a sense of foreshadowing with the Future Offspring’s arrival around the corner. The gym will be converted into our nursery, and as much as we will try to keep the cat out- it’s just near impossible.

I can see A.J. (our cat) pacing back and forth outside the door of the nursery plotting ways to get in, similar to our unfinished basement which we keep locked. We forbid her from going down there because we don’t sweep it as often and she’ll get all dirty and lick herself into oblivion. I swear this cat is so annoying with all the licking and the tripping she causes when she stops mid-stride in front of you just grab a chunk of some good ol fashioned bumhole licking.

I can picture Future Offspring finally gaining better use of its eyesight and look up to see A.J. staring back. Poor kid doesn’t know what evil awaits it, imagine the first thing you see is this cheeseball staring back at you, contriving ways to ensure you never comfortably sleep again.