We have a few places to go- but these days we have a schedule to follow. If I tell Mrs. Ranman we’ll be leaving in 45 minutes to go to a coworker’s barbecue for one of the last few bbq’s of the summer, I can expect a “wake me up 15 minutes before” reply from m’lady. In the morning I worry about running late each day to catch our train to work because naturally my wife requires a super head start to get ready…so I go ahead and give her a nudge to wake up even though the alarm clock didn’t go off yet. “I got 3 minutes you mofo!” she’d exclaim.

So now I just prepare her with ample time before we go anywhere so the Mrs. can get a nap or 3 in. This one lasted 1.5 hours.


Pregnancy has made my woman quite the napped and I picture her technically spooning the grapefruit as mother and child fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the Yankees day game. They both woke up just in time for Jeter’s home run. I’ll make this kid a Yankee fan yet!