Leave it to Facebook to trust as a source for parenting. Friends post random things they do with their children and I now pay attention to these posts rather than glance over as I did up until 4 months ago. I’d make the judgement call of “I can totally see myself doing that with future lil Ranman/woman” or “if anyone sees me doing that to my child they’d call child services”.

Recently a friend posted this as being breakfast for their kid:


You might have to tilt your CPU because I didn’t realize I snagged the pic in a weird angle. Now the friend’s kid is under a year old I believe and it’s interesting to see we can actually feed kids at certain ages. If it were up to me as of now I’d leave the kid on a bottle until they can talk, but clearly that’s the wrong approach.

I don’t believe the above pic to be anything solid as of yet, perhaps mushed cereal crud with berries. I don’t recall something like mushed berry cereal even being an option as preadolescent Ranman…maybe there’s a mushed filet mignon out there too I can start feeding the little one to help it adapt to the yummier things in life before it ends up growing with dietary restrictions.