Future Offspring,

Currently in pre-you time, which I guess in calendar years would be considered 2011 PB (Two Thousand and Eleven Years, Pre Birth), I am set to avoid a deadbeat dad moment. I irresponsibly forgot an appointment with the hospital scheduled weeks if not over a month in advance to get a sonogram of you. Now it isn’t to say there won’t be any more sonograms- but in terms of what’s scheduled this is what was told to be our last. The kicker is this one may very well tell us your gender! I know, by the time you read this you’ll fully know what you are- but imagine mommy and daddy’s excitement for the first time!

So in an idiotic moment at work I didn’t bother to check my calendar to see if I was free to travel on important business during the week of our scheduled genital-confirmation appointment. I agreed to travel with my boss to California and almost finalized the ticket until I confessed to your mother last minute that I booked travels. She ensured me that I would be a horrid father if I missed the appointment and she’d find out your gender without me.

Luckily I was able to change plans with an understanding boss and airline. But for my stupidity: I am leaving on a Tuesday at 8AM to arrive in California at 11:30AM local time (5+ hours travel), have a meeting at 12PM then fly out at 9PM to arrive back in New York at 5AM the following day (another 5+ hours)- just in time to take the cat to her vet appointment at 8AM and then check on your sex at 10AM. Your daddy loves you, no matter how often you swear I don’t when I choose to side with mommy in one of your many squabbles with her to sleep over at Tommy’s house. I mean I tell you constantly that the boy is a douchebag waiting to surface, I gotta side with your mom this time. There are still potential issues that may arise, but at least on paper I didn’t screw up. I planned to be there.

Now if at the time of the appointment I actually do fail to show despite my efforts, let this blog posting be the leverage you need to have me show up to all your games and events. But if I make that appointment, your mother owes you.