I was on the phone with my mother like a good son when I got a text from Mrs. Ranman beckoning me to come upstairs “NOWWW!!!!!!” I had a suspicion it was baby related, but she probably didn’t want me to drop a call with my mother just in case there was a false alarm.

But the Mrs. felt a usual kick that she’s been feeling more of as of late followed by a “twitch” movement from her tummy. Don’t worry, I didn’t force my mom off the phone- in case fellow Indian family members are reading this and were left in suspense as to how I let my mother go. I simply let her do the hanging up with me. Sheesh you Indians are all the same with your craving for gossip.

So yea- I ran upstairs and waited to see or feel for myself. Up till this point I have yet to feel anything but alas, I got bored. The kid just doesn’t want a fatherly touch yet I guess. But wow. The lil thing kicked. I just gotta feel for myself!! I formerly forbid anyone to feel up my wife’s tummy till I get my feelsies of the baby myself. Here I am, waiting:


And now, I give you the cat’s reaction while I remained hunched over trying to feel a karate kick myself…notice the suspense: