I don’t know much about Sex and the City and it’s 6 seasons of 94 episodes and 2 feature films. I do vaguely recall an episode where Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) didn’t want to commit to her boyfriend Aidan despite accepting his proposal for marriage. She had this fear of wearing the ring on her hand and instead wore it around her neck to half-arse the engagement.

No, the above picture isn’t from that episode. It’s a pic of my wife’s engagement and wedding rings being worn her neck due to her swollen pregnant fingers. She totally Carry Bradshaw’d me and now her fingers are bare for the first time in…hmm when did I propose? Uh…200…..2008? No…2007? No yea- 2008 so the first time in 3 years her ring finger was naked. Not the pretty kind of naked either.