We recently had our cat A.J. taken to the vet for a dental cleaning. Her breath had been kicking, as the youths say. And then we got the news. She’d need 4 teeth pulled out and a test for cat scratch fever. What should have been a 4 hour trip has now become a shocking overnight stay and over $500 in vet fees.

The kicker? They referred to our female furball as a “he” every time Mrs. Ranman talked to someone at the vet. You’re taking the poor cat’s teeth, how can you not tell her sex? She isn’t like my future baby girl who isn’t born yet…this furball exists already and has female body parts that isn’t covered by any clothing! How do you call her a male cat?

Any hoo, our cat has been super affectionate since she returned from the vet and made a complete 180 in her level of annoyance.

Here she is, locked up and ready to come home:


And here she is, waiting for me to come home:


I gotta admit, I was actually worried with her getting her teeth removed. My first experience feeling like a father. Crazy furball had me worried. She has to live long enough to meet our Future Princess!