Mrs. Ranman and I met up with her coworker and his wife for dinner earlier this week. They were finding out the sex of their own Future Offspring that day and they would let us in on the secret over dinner at the Olive Garden. Mrs. Ranman loves her garlic bread and salad, as does the coworker’s wife.

It’s funny how coworker’s wife is also due in February and will now also be expecting: a girl! We could tell they’d be having a girl because of how parallel our lives ran. Us dudes both didn’t actually pay attention to our minorityness and thought we’d actually take a couple of months rather than days to impregnate our women, leading to an earlier mid-winter baby. Both dudes also had a planned male name and fear raising a daughter in today’s society thus we ignored the 50/50 chance of creating a girl. Us dudes fear cleaning child poop. Both mothers probably have the same menstrual cycles.

But who’s to say their daughter will get along with ours? As both pregnant bellies sat across from each other at the table, our girl stopped kicking around in Mrs. Ranman’s tummy. It’s as though she sensed another child in the room. Getting a little snobby as if to say she will not share her salad with anyone. We’ll have to play their friendship by ear, provided we still use that weird saying “play by ear” when the girls are born.