As per Animal New York, art will finally be meaningful with a series against New Yorkers’ pet peeves. This one helps keep our youth and their tooshies in check:


Future Ranbaby, if I catch you dating (when you’re allowed to @29) a dude whose pants fall below their waistline- even by accident- you are officially disowned. Imagine how sloppy they are. The over compensation in Ralph Lauren cologne doesn’t fool me, you know they spend more time practicing a gangsta lean than practicing good hygiene.

Future Rangirl, hopefully by the time you’re out the womb we’ll have eradicated the low-pants look in a similar fashion we have ensured you never have to grow up using tokens for the subway, CDs for music, and Zack-Morris-sized cell phones for texting. Oh right, you don’t know who Zack Morris is. Sigh. Youths today.