As you can figure future Baby Rangirl, daddy is a Batman fan. There’s no coincidence that we dressed as the Batman cast one Halloween with you being all cute in your baby Batgirl costume and mommy as Sexy Joker. A.J. the annoying cat was cleverly disguised as the Penguin because Catwoman was way too cliche. Plus, A.J. comes with a permanent V-neck that begged to be accessorized with a bow tie.

You’ll wonder at one point while clearing out all of daddy’s old video games for a garage sale by the request of your mother as to why I have only a few xbox games dominated by only Batman and Rockband. Well, Batman is self explanatory while as for Rockband- daddy just likes to belt tunes and get rated as a rockstar by the CPU. In present day, mommy ended up purchasing me the most current Batman game despite pretending that she did no such thing. I told her that if there were no Batman game when we got home I’d drop her ass home and head to the nearest Best Buy before they were all sold out due to today’s release date.

Low and behold, my night was set. There was the appropriate Amazon box waiting home and now I am set to barricade the surrounding gaming area (our bed) for ultimate late night gaming like I was 13 again. Don’t toss away my video games, Baby Rangirl. It’s my childhood and hopefully yours! Video games know no gender, despite all the fighting and bloodshed in this particular game.