Those that have walked beside our cat know the danger she presents. The little fur ball will walk at a leisurely pace so as to not upstage your gait. Then as you reach the top of the stairs to head toward the first floor she’ll summon a burst of speed like the time I was 9 years old and the neighborhood dog chased me from down the block all the way to my house- you have never seen a little boy reach Mach 3 speeds until a terrier is inches away from gouging his ankles out of their sockets. No wonder I grew up caring very little for animals.

With similar boy-in-danger-speed, A.J. our cat will cut you off and proceed down the steps seconds before your own feet hit that first step. It’s only a matter of time before someone plants their teeth into the first landing after missing the first 7 steps, all because a flash of fur was playing a game of “Me First” with only her participating.

Perhaps the sign below will help folk proceed with caution.