Well Future Baby Girl, this is the last Halloween where it’s all about daddy. H-ween is my holiday. We have had 2 Halloween parties believe it or not in the very basement I forbid you to go down to because it’s now my man cave. Mommy and daddy used to dress up before we started making it all about you and your princess costume changes. But at one point, this day was mine. A man’s day to drink pumpkin beer and look at slutty nurses. Now, I’m busy keeping you away from said nurses and throwing my coat over your inappropriate costumes.

Below is a pic of when mommy made me some awesome pumpkin art- something you stole from me with your cheesily-carved pumpkins.


And for fun, here’s mommy watching the Walking Dead show we don’t let you watch because of the zombies:


Oh, you can’t really see her because it’s so bright outside? Some might call that “daytime”? Well, mommy gets a little nervous despite the time outside and looks to be hiding under her hoodie and blanket. You’ll have to just trust me that she’s under there. Happy Halloween!!