This pregnancy has brought up questions such as “how will our stupid cat- the dumbest of her kind- react to a wailing baby that’s as annoying as her?” and “when is it a good time to calm the other whiner, Mrs. Ranman, down by getting her a puppy?”. This article from has me contemplating scenarios. And they are based in the UK so the article must carry some weight.

You may be looking forward to the arrival of a new baby, but some members of your household may be less than enthusiastic. Cats and dogs can become stressed and unhappy, causing problems for you and baby.

Well that’s comforting to the current animal we already hear the burden of. The cat may “retreat to a quiet room with the least disruption” or reassert her dumb cat self “by changing from facial gland marking to urine spraying.” So help that cat if I start walking into urine patches. I am no stranger to living life without a cat. That tiny-headed mofo better “recognize”, as they used to say in my “hood”.

But there is a note in the article as to what I am certain our cat will do: lick the fur right off her tail due to stress. She’s done this in the past where she’d strip fur off and leave patches of exposed skin. It happened when I went back to work after being home for 5 months.

Apparently if we get a puppy or older dog in the infancy stage, the bitch (if we get a female dog) might get defensive, look at the baby as prey, or mix up the signals the baby throws out there with flailing arms and feet. “… reason for attacks comes later when the baby is able to crawl.” I don’t blame the dog. A crawling baby is kinda creepy with those squishy diapers.

If I don’t read any other article it looks like the route to go is keep things as is with only 1 cat and get a dog when the kid is old enough to understand the words “no you idiot!”. The cat alone will go ballistic with another animal in the house, but with a baby at least she can hideout in her room. I now await for Mrs. Ranman to counter with her own article.

Unless we get the dog below, I think the future is set.