Daddyranman: So next year we have a plan for Halloween costumes then aye? maybe i even take off that day from work since my girl will be old enough to cruise in her badass stroller and trick-or-treat by you guys closer to the city? so let’s see if we’re still all friends by what, March 2012? Regroup then?

Head: well according to my friend, she says to hit the Paramus mall. Since it’s an upscale neighborhood, the stores at the mall give out little bags of candy. set up already. not just one or 2 candies

Daddyranman: is that in NJ?

Head: yea

Daddyranman: ew. Sorry. ranman barely cares to go to metlife stadium for a NY Giants game.

Head: LOL

Daddyranman: my daughter will NOT know New Jersey till she can learn to vomit OUTSIDE of daddy’s car under her own power