Wow America. This is what you search for? For shame.


“hooker boots” facebook

This blog is about me having a baby. “Hooker” and “boots” will not cross our daily vernacular – especially in the same sentence. That’s right, I’m forbidding my baby girl from wearing boots let alone say the word. I’ve seen what evil these boots bring to a family. Sure, starts of as one innocent purchase. But minutes or days later the addiction consumes the vulnerable female and next thing you know all males will succumb to the sea of boots sprinkled all over the entryway floor and busting at the seems of the closet door.

Nay. There will be no hooker nor boots in this house. I don’t think I need to explain why no hookers. Primarily because you can’t report a hooker’s income on tax forms and I’d be nervous that Uncle Sam would make me pay for that.