It was only a matter of time. You have 4 of sleeping in one bed: Mrs. Ranman, our unborn daughter, the cat, and me. Make that 5- there’s the pregnancy pillow which spans the height of the bed and smacks me in the head nightly, so definitely another being sleeps with us.

You’re bound to have someone fall off the bed. Maybe it’d be me after coming home drunk from a happy hour with coworkers. Perhaps the pillow gets tossed when I kick it in anger by accident as I was aiming for the cat instead who was biting at my toes. But nope- our first victim was almost the cat!

Mrs. Ranman caught the cat mid fall because the cat was grasping for the night table and woke us all up with the scraping of desperate claws against uncooperative wood. I know it’s mean to wish that the cat had fall, but the fact that Mrs. Ranman made a ruckus to save the bumbling furball which made it difficult to sleep again had a part of me wishing the cat hit the floor.

Look at her earlier in the day, below. She gets the bed all day when we’re not sleeping. Why come back at night for more?