Future Rangirl, daddy Ranman is pooped. Not the kinda pooped that you’ll be from just lying there all day while we run around to feed you at 2AM, but the kind from decorating the house for your mother. She loves her Christmassing and enjoys the fruits of my labor (you being the second fruit after me laboring over lugging the Christmas decorations from the attic that you keep trying to go up to whenever daddy pulls the steps down. You’re as bad as the cat the minute you learn to crawl…).

Mommy wasn’t much help with her waddling whilst lugging you around. I stuck her with free decorating duties. Here’s some pics from technically your first Christmas:


A.J. being all toasty!


Mommy’s friend wearing his Cartman slippers…we had a Pajama Party for your mother where some friends came over for a game night.


Our tree in all it’s glory. You will never be getting a real one so get used to pre-lit trees. Daddy does not chop trees down more does he enjoy stepping on the pine needles in the house for the rest of the holiday.