I gotta admit, I feel like I’m in solitary confinement here. That sliver of light the creeps through the jail cell as the sun passes through the sky is what I would consider the ray of light in knowing my daughter is only 9 weeks away from bawling her guts out and my life will change. But 9 weeks. As minimal as it sounds, I am going nuts playing this waiting game. Homegirl kicks up a storm in her mother’s tummy and does that cute rhythmic hiccup thing – how can you not want to just meet her already??

More important, I’d like to fast track her already to help her father with the damn lawn duties. I can’t rake another New York leaf. They don’t fall all at once. No. They fall 5 at a time and the wind blows everyone else’s leaves into our yard. Get here already daughter. I need help. I will be posting another blog later today to further illustrate why stuff won’t get done till you’re here!