I felt I needed to find an article on pregnancy and cell phones…if the buzz is that my soldiers down there can be harmed if not destroyed due to a cell phone in my pocket- what are the effect of one close by our baby girl baking in the womb? Mrs. Ranman doesn’t use her iPhone nearly as much as me- but she understandably uses it a lot during meetings at work, when she’s bored, at doctor appointments because these dumb doc offices overbook every single time, and so on. I can imagine a lot of those cell phone uses wouldn’t consist of Mrs. Ranman holding her arm in the air with the cell phone like a lunatic to avoid it going close to her stomach.

So I went to webmd.com and found the most recent study done a year ago and it reported:

Exposure to cell phones before birth and afterward may increase a child’s risk for developing certain behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, inattention, and problems getting along with peers, a study suggests.

There still isn’t enough data to prove the above.

That said, you might be allowed to get one of your own around the age of 16; until then, are you familiar with the concept of a “beeper” or “pager”?

We are just trying to avoid situations like the below:



I feel the whole “inattention, and problems getting along with peers” happens when your out the womb and chose to text like a hermit over talking in person or on the phone to humans. Mommy is keeping a safe distance of iPhone-to-belly, offering enough padding:


So if you pull that inattentiveness crap with us I know it’s just an act.