I was involved with a grand scheme for Mrs. Ranman’s baby shower thrown by her coworkers here in New York. Previously on Ranman’s Life, we left our hero traveling with his wife to New Hampshire so that her mother could throw a surprise shower with the rest of the family present. This local shower involved me coercing with a coworker whose wife is also having a baby girl in February- so the shower was for both expecting moms.

The shower took place at bar around the corner from Mrs. Ranman’s workplace, but the coworker told his wife and mine that we all would go for dinner after work. I compromised our arrival together because my lame job duties had me arrive minutes later after the coworker did his best to stall the 2 women for over an hour. He did what he could with hungry women that would opt for his arm as an appetizer had he kept them away from food any longer.

The shower itself went pretty smooth as the bar was virtually empty. The decorations and trays of food alone took up half of the bar. The best decoration of the night was the diaper cake below. Another coworker of Mrs. Ranman took the time to make 2 diaper cakes from scratch out of diapers for both expecting moms! To say people like my wife is an understatement.