Due to back pain and nothing but sheer discomfort, our unborn daughter has forced her mother to find a new way to sleep almost every night the past few nights. You hear that future offspring? This means daddy sleeps with his forehead pressed against the nightstand or having him play Tetris with his body trying to wiggle into the one spot on the bed where mommy’s multiple pillows won’t reach.

Dude. Just see for yourself the mound of goodness I was up against the other night:


Dude. That’s 2 regular head pillows, a “boyfriend” pillow for the Mrs. to sit up against, and a neck pillow you travel with for the Mrs. to rest her head on should she fall asleep. This concoction lasted only 1 night since Mrs. Ranman’s back seems to contort to another position everyday, ensuring that what worked as a good method for sleeping one night won’t be as good the following.

Quote of the week from Mrs. Ranman: “She’s so fat! Every move she makes in there hits an organ!”