You must be checking the date stamp of this blog, Future Baby Girl, and think “why is daddy blogging on 12/27 when he’s usually off for the week around this time playing all the video games he got for Christmas?” Sigh. Well in the interest of traveling and partying before your birth I used up all my vacation days…and don’t be surprised if I’m blogging again next year when you’re 10 months because I took time off to watch you earlier in the year. Plus it’s kind of a relaxing week when most of New York City commuters are off from work.

Also off this week are your mother’s parents who are visiting for a few days. Good luck to your pregnant mother entertaining them, there’s only so much she can do these days.

Which brings me to the long sought answer as to why the doors in the house are so squeaky as the hinges cry in agony when you open one. Why won’t I just apply some WD-40 you ask. I went for a run this morning and tried very hard not to make too much noise. At 6AM I felt it rude to disturb your slumbering grandparents. I did pretty good, aside from the cat yelling at me to feed her, until I hit the front door.

Squuuuuueeeaaaak errrrrrrrr creeeeeakkkkk! it goes.

I thought that I’m going to throw some grease on it when I get home because I can’t be so loud when you’re born- assuming I have the energy for a run outside when you’re here. The treadmill would be too loud so outside through that door is probably my best option.

I felt like a teenager sneaking out the door trying to be so quiet.

A teenager sneaking out the door. Mmm hmm. That’s when I decided to leave all doors ungreased. These doors will help me keep track what my daughter is up to in the house. Provided my secret cameras aren’t installed by then.

Perhaps if you were born male the doors would have been less squeaky by now. When you retell this story, be sure to let your friends know I just care too much as a dad.