As you have learned by now, future baby girl, it’s quite the farming situation at any of your New Hampshire relatives. And we love them for that. It’s the classic “aunt/uncle” situation that others exercise with you: we will play and love the animals as much as we can and then leave when they start becoming a burden. Because as you see, these animals are quite the burden after the first few cute minutes. Then the dogs get all needy. The cats become territorial. The birds are super loud and full of song.

You’re thinking “why do we only have 1 cat? Mommy love animals!” Well, blame daddy. Your pops barely tolerates his belongings ending up on the flood every morning. He hardly enjoys dog slobber- you’re lucky I clean your own snot. Currently, I’m trying to figure how to clean you after a soiling without getting anything on my iPad whilst watching the How To videos on YouTube.

We have a 1-pet-at-a-time policy in the house until you can learn how best to relieve me of my duties of taking care of them. Even fish become a chore I don’t need. Look at this drawn-to-scale diagram of dogs & cats inner thoughts…ugh!