I don’t believe we’ll have any influence on whether you’ll be a lefty or a righty once you start writing all over daddy’s freshly painted walls, but some articles out there suggest benefits and reasoning for which handedness you’re best off being, future daughter.

Brain damage – a small percentage of researchers theorise that all human beings are meant to be right-handed, but some type of brain damage early in life causes left-handedness. For left-handers and parents of lefthanders, it is important to note there is no hard evidence to support this rather controversial theory.

Thanks Better Health Channel, I’m a lefty, and a freaked out one at best now.

The best thing from this article? In conclusion, there are no true reasons for someone growing up using their left hand, but there are 2 advantages to being left handed that primarily state “Left-handed people have an advantage in a wide range of sports”. Sorry baby girl, daddy clearly didn’t hit the sports jackpot because despite writing with my left, I do everything else like throw a ball with my right. So in addition to brain damage I also suffer from mediocre throw-like-a-girl arm strength. No offense, Rangirl. We’re not going to force you into sports if you end up using your left hand to perform daily tasks such as writing or using scissors as you run around with them.

Nay. If you’re a lefty we’re going to ensure you don’t catch the art bug you’re daddy caught. See, growing up people had me believe that lefties are creative and artsy. Nay. Daddy tried to write stories, draw, and even play in the school bands with aspirations for doing one of these as a profession. Luckily my parents discouraged modern day hippiness and forced me to get into computers like the true Indian-as-the-IT-guy I was meant to be. Besides, I was way too lazy to fully best any of the creative things I ever wanted to do. Take this poorly-written blog for example which gets about 1 comment per week from the audience. That’s considered a failure for bloggers out there.

And you’ll thank me too baby girl. Nothing’s less flattering these days than being a hipster who galavants around in the art scene with no job.