What’s that line about, baby Rangirl? I know, I complain about New York City all the time and here’s a classic example why. Daddy works hard to put the latest iPad in your hands, and this routine comes with the effort put in.

What is it though? The line to see what color you’re going to come out as? No, this isn’t a pic of our families waiting in anticipation. It’s the salad line in a Nee York deli the first day of work after the New Year’s holiday. Yup, I chose to get a salad the day everyone decides to kick off that New Year’s Resolution. Oh, I haven’t taught you what a New Year’s Resolution actually is? There’s a reason.

A Ranman never keeps their resolution. Must be our family motto or something. Plus, we make so many resolutions throughout the course of the year each time we step on that scale in the room next to yours. There’s a few other things I probably haven’t taught you yet, Baby Rangirl. And as always, with good reason. We’ll chat in a few months when you start asking about an Easter Bunny that we couldn’t care less for in the Ranman household…