As per the Chinese and Gilly’s little blog, 2012 is the year of the dragon (or Squatch – whichever belief you follow). About Sichuan China deems that “dragon people excel” and that “they certainly are not shy – they demand attention and respect.”

Well if you must demand attention in order to excel, I can’t be a bad parent and not nourish you. So I offer your mother’s attention 24/7. Use it wisely my dragon child.

Also of note to our future misery:

The person born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon can be quite a confronting person but if you can reach their “soft heart” they are worthwhile allies.

I can’t find your mother’s “Metal Rooster” soft heart, not sure how I’m gonna win you over when I’m trying to calm you down. And seeing as according to the Chinese consider your mother a Metal Rooster, you’re going to clash with her big time:

These Roosters have really big egos and are forever seeking willing listeners who can help keep those egos inflated. Metal Roosters analyze everything. Their aggressive nature keeps some prospective friendships and relationships from developing.

God save me from the fiery brimstone that will overtake this house once you develop your traditional female Ranman attitude which will clash with the wonder that is your rooster of a mother.

Rest assured though. Monkeys like myself are compatible with a Rat or Dragon.