All 3 baby showers are in the books: Mrs. Ranman’s family-run shower in New Hampshire back in November, Mrs. Ranman’s coworker-run shower, and this past Saturday’s Daddy Ranman’s family-run shower here in New York. Each had their own little obstacles to work through, and you realize how hard it is to rely on many people to not piss off the expecting mother. And to keep 3 showers a secret from the incredibly snoopy/inquisitive Mrs. Ranman- that was like asking a man to not think about his new car after just washing it.

Now I’m not condoning dead beat dads. But after 3 showers of answering questions on behalf of the wife which isn’t supposed to know how I’m gambling her choice in dinner options based on hunches, and don’t forget all the estrogen-filled hours spent without too much male backup…I kind of see where a man wants out! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna skip town Baby Rangirl. Daddy Ranman is just so tired! I had to clean the bathrooms without your mommy noticing because her parents were staying with us as part of the shower surprise. And well, as you know by now daddy does not do bathrooms.

This shower completed the list of things we needed for the nursery and birth, now it’s time to put it all together. But first, we have cake:


It was red velvet 🙂


A pic of the cake topper and your first piggy bank which already contains candy money:


I can’t complain about an event that allows people to buy us gifts for the future baby girl…but daddy is pooped! Ha, I said “pooped” after getting the diaper genie as one of the gifts from the shower.