I’ll admit future daughter, the Ranman has done very little in terms of making decisions for this pregnancy. Your mother seemed to really be a natural with all the information she’s been reading on the internets. In addition to informed decisions there’s all the common sense purchases as simple as socks and ointment that I didn’t even think as important…mommy gets the right brands based on reviews. Me, I’d get this bad boy based on name:


By no way is parenting a competition, but so far your mother is winning. I felt left out on a recent trip to Babies R Us. So I sprung into action with helping your mother pick out some of the remaining clothes you’ll need immediately. Let’s see, there’s onesies, hats, socks, sleep-n-plays…oh my! Look what I found! Which do I choose??



No no…with a February baby we want something relevant that she won’t mess up right away. Hmm, I need to be a father here. Let’s do some math. She won’t be able to display team apparel freely without a jacket covering it unless the weather is warm. That takes us to summer. But what if the Yanks are having a bad season by then?

No, my daughter must not be ridiculed. I must protect her. So then we work with the beginning of football season…6-9 months seems like the right fit. Perfect! Daddy has come through with necessary apparel for our daughter.


I don’t need a son to raise as a sports nut. Our daughter will be throwing a perfect spiral by the age of 3. Now that’s fatherhood they don’t teach you on the internets. Take that, Mrs. Ranman. I am daddy of the year. You’re welcome.