I just wanted to post an image one of my Facebook (do they even have Facebook in the future as you read this, future offspring?) friends threw up. It summarizes the life you’re probably living right now versus how your daddy used to roll back in the day.


According to Yahoo! Shopping and this article they posted (is Yahoo! still around in the future? Don’t ask me what they do because I don’t even know anymore), these are the 7 gadgets that will be gone by 2020:

1) Stand Alone GPS Systems. Which you don’t need to worry your pretty little head with because daddy is 5 days away from throwing away his current portable Tom Tom GPS. The piece junk doesn’t stick to the dashboard anymore and falls at the most inconvenient times when it does. One time I didn’t notice it fall as the GPS’ wire tugged at the volume knob of the radio and sent your daddy into a heart pounding startle when a Linkin Park song blasted at top decibels. Your lucky I didn’t crash …I was so startled as I tried to comprehend what the heck was going on as I was making my left turn at the light. I digress. Phone GPS will replace these useless ones like the Tom Tom.

2) eReaders. What’s an eReader? Oh right, daddy never gave you a Kindle or Nook. Right, daddy hates reading and only uses the more practical iPad when he has to. Which iPad are you on by now? Still mommy’s iPad 1? You darn right you are, I don’t trust tiny hands and the latest gadgets. So what if I’ve dropped my iPhone 6 more times than you with your iPad 1? You do what you’re told.

3) Low-end Digital Cameras. Don’t worry, your iPad apps and daddy’s old iPhones that I throw your way do all the camera work you need. We are okay with these SD card crappy cameras being obliterated by 2020. Such a waste of money and they rarely take a good pic.

4) DVD Players. Hopefully we will have gone digital anyways by the time you’re ready to watch your Lion Kind 3D movies.

5) Video Game Consoles. Whoa. Whoa. This one upsets me more than you baby girl. Stand back, men are talking now. No more Wii and Xbox consoles???? I grew up on them 😦 Sigh. Apparently wireless/smart TVs will have console-gaming as we know built in already. I know better now to hold on to the current Wiis and Xboxes out there because you know how nostalgic people get over old consoles. If I find out you sold the ol’ Nintendo future offspring, I’m gonna come back from the grave and haunt you pompous brats till you get me back my Super Mario.

6) Recordable CDs and DVDs. Well duh. I don’t know the last time I used one except to copy songs for your dark grandpa, which he says “suck” anyway. I swear you cannot please that old fart no matter what you do.

7) And finally, Feature Phones. I have no idea what one of these are. There are phones other than the iPhone?