I’m still running into people that can not wait to see what our baby girl is going to look like. Perfectly normal to wonder what an Indian dude and White chick will spawn. The majority of spectators root for tanned skin and blue eyes without thinking how creepy that would actually look like. Plus, being East-Indian-colored is no walk in the park when it comes to society so I’m sure folk are hoping more for more a Jersey Shore permanent-tan.


We’ve already learned together that the eyes may not reach their permanent color until 6 months at the earliest and hair color may not take on its true form earlier than a year. Skin color could take the same path as mine and progressively get darker way past her 30s. So in the interim we’re going to have a poser child for a year I suppose.

I’m just happy I won’t be in our child’s position having to identify myself with the laundry list of races she belongs to in this race-focused world. That’s what she gets for making her mother and I essentially go back to school all over again whilst raising her. Don’t tell my daughter this, but holy crap did I hate school. Going through that all over again is probably the one aspect of parenting I am dreading. So you know, take that daughter! You try and explain your race to the masses.