I can’t say there’s much programming out there for children outside of the standards like PBS, Nickelodeon at certain times, and Disney. Oh, there’s that ABC Family channel too- oh no wait. They were showing Dodgeball this past Sunday in the morning. I might as well just leave my child watch Jackass 3.5 on the couch with me past her bedtime.

We also saw The Help last weekend on DVD. Probably something I want to show our daughter. Though fiction, were it not for some brave people at the time it’d be illegal for me to knock up her mother. It’ll probably also teach our child that some of the minorities we encounter these days weren’t always loud and talking out of turn at the theaters, and that there’s hope. It’s okay, I can make that statement because I know minorities that act as such. Me included.

The Help had a black maid that would teach the white child that the kid is kind, smart, and beautiful. I think I’m going to borrow this mantra and teach our daughter that she is “kind, smart, and sucka-free”.

But I digress. So yea, I just don’t know what’s out there aside from obnoxious loud cartoons that would be good television which won’t have me dream suicide after the first 30 minutes.