Heading into the 40th (and potentially last) week of your Occupy Mommy’s Womb movement we were worried that you might ruin the Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl by coming early. Well, ruin daddy’s game because mommy could care less. I gave mommy explicit instructions to hold you in like she would a full bladder- do the “full bladder dance” if necessary.

In honor of my last baby-free Super Bowl we were forced to stay home due to mommy’s growing uncomfortable state. Your aunt, my sister, graced us with a visit and some chicken/pasta for tailgating in the backyard with a fire pit, BBQ, and tailgating games. Your Uncle, my friend “Head”, dropped off a batch of his mother’s lasagna for the big game. It felt like people really felt sorry for my sick state where I couldn’t leave the house to get drunk over football. America really is a great place.

As per usual, the commercials sucked but the Giants did not. Your mother’s family, except a choice few, are Patriots fans and clearly not wise in some of the decisions they make. Mommy doesn’t mind my choice in the local New York team since again, she doesn’t care for football so we are okay with liking your mother. Her family however, we’ll need to have a family meeting to break the news that you favor daddy’s allegiances. Now then, onto the Super Bowl which you missed future daughter!

A.J. the dumb cat watching longingly as we enjoyed global warming in February outside in the backyard

Fun with Ladderball…I lost to your aunt

Mommy enjoying the awesome steak daddy cooked by the fire pit