I think I’ll try to post on a schedule going forward. There’s no way I’ll have the time to post daily. Have you experienced how much a baby cries? Let’s stick to a Sunday and Thursday schedule at the minimum, and I’ll post pics and tidbits when I can in between. So check often and tell your friends that just because the schedule changed, it doesn’t mean the show is getting cancelled, like a tv show which gets moved from prime time on Wednesday to 9:00pm of Friday. Never a good sign.

-First off, if I knew 2/9/12 11PM through 2/10/12 4:57AM would be my last chance to sleep like a parentless dude, I’d have made sure to force Mrs. Ranman to take leave downstairs on the couch whilst I slumber like…well like a baby.

-Since Mrs. Ranman labored 25 hours I only had 1 or 2 cat naps in that span. No sleep. I have no clue how Mrs. Ranman found the strength to push a kid out with about the same amount if not less sleep.

-Dude. The hospital is the last place you can expect to catch up on any sleep. I get better naps when I doze off at the wheel after a drunken night on the drive home. Baby Rangirl, if you’re reading this, I am only somewhat of not am never whom whence thusly kidding about not not dozing at the wheel. People are knocking in every 1-3 hours to check up on either the baby or the mommy. A lady came in to give Mrs. Ranman communion, I totally forgot it was Sunday. I got in on that communion too, I guess the lady priestess didn’t realize an Indian-looking guy can love the same God. The one regularly scheduled thing you’d anticipate on coming, which hasn’t on a timed basis, is food! Mrs. Ranman would munch on Dunkin Donuts that I brought for anyone visiting because breakfast came at 9:40AM. As much of a weekend sleeper Mrs. Ranman is, she’d already have breakfast before 9:40 and would be working on her nap at that point.

-Our baby does not seem to like lying down in her hospital bassinet. Or at least not when daddy put her down. I guess I need to work on her landing. When the nurses take her away for blood pressure readings in the nursery I’d pass by to see our little rugrat sound asleep.

-Okay I’ll stop talking about sleep. But who knew so much sleep is lost in the 48 hours since Mrs. Ranman…wait, Mommy Ranman now?…went into labor. I plan on grabbing a solid sleep when I go home to shower as Mommy Ranman’s parents come to visit on Day 2: The Daddy Ranman Babywatch 2012.

-Ignore the sleep issues. I changed 3 diapers already. One was the dreaded brown diaper. It was hell. It was on a baby girl. I had no idea where the butt began and end. I am hoping right now they are changing her again in the nursery so that I don’t fail at this father-thing. When I was changing one of the diapers, Baby Rangirl was crying up a storm but stopped and went to sleep the minute ointment hit her bum.

-The random visitors have certainly been a surprise. For a short hospital stay people will flock for a baby. And why not? Ours is truly cute…I was so worried she’d be one of those babies you learn to love, like a pet dog such as a pug or bulldog.

-Back to sleep for a moment. I know I’m tired. Mrs. Ranman can sleep at any given point because she’s physically tired. Me? I pump a gallon of coffee everyday into me so though I’m just tired from a lack of consecutive sleep hours, I find it super hard to sleep the first second I am baby/visitor/nurse free thanks to my coffee-fueled insomnia.

Here’s our first item to take home from visitors…let’s hope people start volunteering to bring them home for me:


Quick update to this post: as I was about to post it someone just walked in at 11AM to take away the breakfast m’lady didn’t even eat. That’s 5 different instances of people coming in the room since 8AM. There’s certainly no possibility to recover in a hospital after a birth.