We’re still learning you, Baby Rangirl. Daddy has yet to understand why you won’t sleep after your 5AM feeding but you’re lights out before your 10:00PM where we have to force you to feed. I know, I know. The know-it-all parents and pundits reading this probably feel it’s best to let the baby feed when she’s awake and let her sleep otherwise. But as you know by now Rangirl, people are usually wrong about everything.

The biggest challenge seems to be the crying Rangirl after a feeding. Diapers are fresh, she’s been burped…what else could be wrong? The pundits would probably just blame mommy and daddy for something here. But then I do the following and it seems to rid Baby Rangirl of all use fussing and whining.

-Run water from a faucet. There’s probably some science to it, but running water seems to calm our baby girl. Pros: homegirl seems to calm down if not just pass out into slumber. Cons: Daddy Ranman pays the water bill.

-The above doesn’t work for bath time unfortunately. Ironic. Rangirl is in water but the faucet running next to her holds no value. We’re still working on how to calm our little girl for bath time.

-The swing. A blessing especially when people are visiting. Our girl seems to hate her bassinet so after a feeding during the day it seems to knock her into a slumber or at least calm her down. Pros: there’s a place for Rangirl during the day to hangout. Also, the swing runs on electricity. Mommy Ranman pays that bill. Cons: I don’t get a swing for myself. It just looks fun.

-White noise. Anything going on in the background really seems to keep our girl at bay. We were watching a comedy show on tv the other day and everyone belted ear churning laughs every other second whilst Baby Rangirl slept in her swing. No issues. This might just be the continuation of what she’s used to in the womb- we love our tv and its loud noises…very Indian-friendly for a baby that’s half Indian. Pros: shuts the baby up. Cons: not much here really because Mommy Ranman pays the electric bill. Oh, maybe the fact that later on we’ll need to cut that out when she moves from the bassinet in our room to her crib in the nursery.

-Clean diaper. Though, these days we’re counting poop and wet diapers so much that our baby gets this calming luxury by default. Who knew I’d be anxiously awaiting someone to poop and congratulate them when they do? Pros: no diaper rash. Cons: none. Till I have to start buying toddler diapers out of pocket.