Sigh. Two weeks in and I have failed. My fathering license should be revoked and I should return the recently issued temporary license which was to hold me over until the official one gets mailed. Oh woe is me!!



My parents must be appalled. I am appalled for them. Wait, what? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Ugh!! Look again, whilst I look away!


Sigh. My daughter is already exposing skin. And it’s by no choice of her own. I failed her as a provider of dressing guidance. I can’t button these footsies for the life of me. There’s buttons in areas that don’t even belong on clothing. If I can’t keep the clothes fastened safely on a newborn, how am I going to keep a teenager locked up in the basement until she’s 29??

I’ll tell ya. It’s been a nightmare trying to change and dress our darling little girl. And it’s all because I can’t get her tiny arms into these tight sleeves nor button these blasted pieces of fabric together.