If you read the many blogs and articles about what’s ideal for children- breast feeding versus formula- you’d think you hit a religious or political site. Pepper in nurses yelling at you for deciding to pump your breast milk as opposed to nursing a baby directly from the breast- you’d think you were telling the medical staff you’ve decided to feed your baby from a Jack Daniels bottle rather than have it maul at your nipples every 2 hours.

… some health care workers and well-meaning but not so tactful breastfeeding activists sometimes condemn formula-feeding mothers and try to “lecture” to them about the better way in a pushy manner. These mothers often end up feeling guilty after such attacks if they couldn’t/didn’t breastfeed.

From 007 Breasts…I know right? James Bond breasts?? Check out the link and scroll to the bottom for all the opinions and at times some backlashing on the issue. This is just 1 example of the judgement passed on many sites and even face-to-face.

We got our share of opinions in a matter of only 2 weeks from anyone with a pair of breasts. The owners of said breasts would mention how rough breast feeding was yet how happy they were for grinding through the pain. There’s the benefits of bonding, soothing, and if I heard correctly one mother might have mentioned you see Jesus Himself on your 5th successful nursing. I personally think she only saw Him after nearly passing out from the nipple pain that comes with breast feeding. One new mother advised we stick to breast feeding and days later we saw a picture of her using a bottle on her child.

What of formula feeding?

I believe someone offered a similar reaction for even mentioning the possibility:


That is a picture of our evil cat parked illegally atop the tv shelf glaring back at us in demonic fashion. Which is also now known as the “Formula Feeding Glare”.

So given the state of America and its opinion of boob-or-bust, how do companies like Abbott Nutrition who make Similac Formula for babies even exist? You’d think such companies are held in the same light as abortion clinics. Heck, I think I read someone saying that you might as well have aborted your kid if you decide to feed them formula. I felt this person’s evil glare through the computer screen.

It’s hard to form your own opinion on what’s the best route to take. I guess the first question is- what’s your goal? Less pain? Hmm, America deems you selfish if you can’t fight through it. America also suggests, surprise surprise, you take baby-safe meds if you start feeling depressed and pain. What if your goal is simple: enjoy the newborn period rather than resent your child? Uh oh, that’s too selfish too because it leans towards formula/bottle feeding.

I spoke to God re: my short comings. I ain’t the best looking dude out there, I certainly can be into myself as opposed to being there for someone else. There’s the whole minority thing that made me a target for insults and bullying growing up. So He cut me a deal. Hot wife and gorgeous kid, but no ability to breast feed this kid, or at least my milk hasn’t come in yet.

One of the things I have stressed to Mommy Ranman was that I just want to help. And if she breast fed then I was left to just change poop diapers at best. It would be up to her to wake up and feed. Bottle feeding does help on the feeding front, formula or breast. Whichever we do end up going with, I can help ensure less of a chance of postpartum depression and help provide more sleep with the scheduled feedings.

Here’s a good blog that’ll make anyone feel comfy with the decision they make:


Side note: being a father allows you to say the word “breast” freely without being deemed weird. Now, I’m just considered a concerned dad if a say “boobs”. Without giggling, of course.