There’s always an ongoing investigation at home as to what we can get away with. Oh no, I don’t mean anything illegal nor taboo. We’re experimenting with what will wake our little girl up who has had over a month to get used to our random noises. Television seems to barely phase our girl…unless there’s a war scene going on in The Lord of the Rings. Oh and the loud scare-my-pants-off effects in scary movies such as Insidious.

Side note, don’t watch horror movies with your wife if it involves kids, again, like Insidious. Questions like “well what if that were our daughter in a demon-induced coma?” and “would you believe me if I said our house were haunted? How will we deal with the children?” surely would ensue.

If our girl stirs from slumber the fingers begin to flare in accusation. Was it the spoon I delicately stroked my dinner plate with which set the baby off? My wife really went to town on the bag she was trying to open which housed our salad…should I shush her? After a million high pitched pleasantries and modern day lullabies exchanged with a droopy eyed baby, I caught myself staring at my wife with piercing eyes at even the slightest sound she makes. I worked hard for the 5 minutes of sleep this kid is going to give us.

After all was said and done one night, of wasn’t even us that woke our daughter up. She passed gas and startled herself.