Daddy loves you little girl. But you gotta quit the squirming! I thought your neck needs support due to all its vulnerability and lack of strength. Now I’m certain you were born with a thick neck carved after ancient Greek god necks – perhaps your lineage traces back to Atlas himself. 1sh months old and you squirm like no other and sometime you’ll face plant into walls with your evasive neck action just to avoid my attempt at picking a booger of yours.

I don’t care what type of parent you are- how can you resist wanting to just pick all the crud that ejects from your child’s face? Boogers of the eye and nose, dry skin, stray cat hair- nothing belongs on your kid’s face except for that kiss I planted on the cheeks hours earlier. But like most kids- this little buggar refuses to let a hand touch her nose. And sometimes the crud in her nose is hanging by a thread and it drives me nuts if I can’t rid her of the hold this piece of mucus has on our lives.

Let. Me. In!!


How am I supposed to get any boogers when she squirms into the most awkward positions?