The possibilities were endless. With Baby Rangirl’s maternal grandparents (notice how I didn’t say “white” grandparents! I am totally revolutionizing the blogging realm with my forward thinking and inability of seeing the color of ones skin) visiting from New Hampshire (aka The Shire) over the past weekend, we had babysitters for two days! What do we do??

Mommy Ranman suggested we rent a hotel room. No no, not for giggity-time. It’d probably be best spent watching the episode of Game of Thrones we missed last Sunday and then catching up on some lost sleep. But wait, what sweet hell is this? Is that something burning?


Hmm. Apparently Shire Grandma was helping to make some breakfast sausage on the stove and didn’t think to move the microwave splatter cover which was laying innocently on the neighboring burner. “It didn’t even just melt…there were flames I tells ya!” she exclaimed. Okay okay, innocent mistake. I let Mommy Ranman take over the fun making with nicknames like “Fire Starter” while singing Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Crisis averted, let’s go hang outside in the backyard. No, not you A.J., you stupid stupid cat. Look at you, all stuck on the screen slider…you do this every time we go outside and leave only the screen closed.


We eventually worked up the courage to head out and leave Baby Rangirl with her Shire Grandparents in hopes that they wouldn’t set her on fire. It’s almost like we have to leave the baby with them else we’d have to endure what would be more of a depressing visit knowing that they’d have to leave in a day and the next visit means an even bigger Rangirl. Not too big though. I keep finding rolls on the baby’s thighs which has me wanting to strap ankle weights to her legs for a good workout.

Mommy Ranman and I ended up having drinks at the local eatery…some place called “Applebee’s”. Right after we went to watch the movie 21 Jump Street which provided a nice round of laughs which we couldn’t get at home with all the vacuums, iPhone white noise apps, and tip toeing that comes with having a kid.

Did we miss our baby girl during date night? Probably Mommy Ranman did more than me since she’s been in the girl’s grill from birth while I went to work. But it helps after being such good parents to take a break.


I am such a good dad.