Paranormal Activity come to mind when testing out our baby equipment:


I don’t think Mommy Ranman is showing tooshie so I think this is okay to post. You can see the camera focused on baby Baby Rangirl’s bassinet with Mommy Ranman’s back to us. This was at 5:30 AM and the rule is any feeding or baby fussing that occur after 5AM and before I head out to work by 7:30AM needs to be addressed by me. I personally don’t mind because it’s the only time this kid is calm and awake during the week when I’m home. When I get home she starts fussing a bit or is knocked out since I get home from work so late.

But that really doesn’t leave me much time to get stuff done so I’m forced to use the baby shower gift. And boy is it awesome. Over the white noise app playing on the iPhone to keep her sleeping, you can hear any crying on the mic. I am at the baby’s side in a matter of seconds rather than being tethered to the bassinet until she decides it’s okay to wake up. Makes me father of the friggin year.

The paranormal effect does inspire me however. The other night I threw out a few ideas to Mommy Ranman on how best to scare her. She wasn’t enjoying the thought of me dressing our girl in a white nightgown like most scary movies where it’s always a little white girl in a gown that bears the part of the creepy kid. Imagine a mixed baby like ours? It’s like The Shining meets Slumdog Millionaire…both creepy movies. What? You didn’t freak out like I did when the kid got drenched in poo just to meet his idol in Slumdog? Dude, kids are creepy in movies.