Well it took a little over 2 months but our little Rangirl took a shot at being a big ol’ cry baby. And I tell her everyday that crying is for babies. It was one of those “what the heck will calm this kid down??” moments that lasted from about 8AM on a Monday until about 3PMish Tuesday.

Being the first crying binge of its kind, we were basically guessing what was wrong with the kid. Diapers were changed, food was had in between whimpers, and she was burped as often as humanly possible. The internets all say the same thing: “it’ll pass, if you’re concerned call your doctor”. Being Google Parents, that type of information was not comforting. Some sites claim colic. Our best guess? No bowel movement in almost 24 hours.

In the end, our guess trumped the articles and blog postings we read. 2 explosive diapers later we had our little angel back. Are we the best parents in the world? Nope. Regardless of what was wrong with this crying legion of doom we deem daughter, it felt like she was broken by a change in her routine or something.

The internets did mention something that concerns me. This type of random fuss happens quite often, and not always from the same reason.


And we’re back to normal!