Our baby had her second round of shots a week or so ago for rhumatoidalosisgitis something. The doc explains all the shots the kid was getting but with our girl crying as is from the regular prodding pre-shots it was really hard to care concentrate. When the shots came it was pretty hard to see our girl take a needle per chunky thigh and even worse to hear her cry her tiny butt off. Daddying is settling in I suppose.

Also on our trip the doc wanted to see if our girl was able to roll over yet. I know, sounds very dog-like. Now I like our daughter’s pediatrician, but I wasn’t convinced of her testing for roll-over-capability. She put our bawling girl on her forearms and tummy while asking “does she roll over yet?”

“No–” Mommy Ranman and I answered but was cut off by the little munchkin rolling over “–till now I guess?”

“Yup now you guys need to make sure you never leave her alone because she’s a roller,” the doc said as she tried the test again. Our girl rolled over again. No surprise though, it’s almost like cheating to put an agitated kid in the unnatural position- surely she’s going to get the support from her forearms to roll over looking for the person who is responsible for putting her like that in the first place to deliver a slap to their face.

Whatever. We’ll take the doc’s praises for raising a baby who can roll over already. Meanwhile we barely give the kid any tummy time because the little thing hates being on her tummy more than she hates the cat Communism.


She isn’t going anywhere…let alone roll over in the natural tummy time position.