Being trapped with our daughter for the week has ensured one thing: I am will be humming Pearl Jam and Twinkle Little Star all next week when I return to work. I don’t know how any parent keeps their sanity after months of staying home listening to all that kiddie noise. Oh, Pearl Jam was just to be the distraction and equalizer. I left the Sirius radio on all week to the 90’s Grunge/Alternative station in hopes that a little Alice in Chains and angry-women-singing would help keep me from losing my mind since I’ve never taken a week off from work just to stay home.

But now all I hear is Eddie Veder and the Elmo Song mashed up into a major car wreck in my head. I can imagine the nightmare our daughter will be growing up…Nirvana-like anger while she rips the head off her Big Bird stuffed animals.