Last week was my week alone with our daughter. Let’s review the stats, shall we?

  • 5 straight weekdays of poop diapers. The minute we went into the weekend I was no where to be found when our daughter decided to go #2.
  • 1 lightly bumped head. Wait, do social services read blogs? If so, I meant that I lightly bumped my head while being taken out of the car seat carrier eating pie.
  • 1 fussy day where the crying seemed like would never end. I managed though. It was hard considering I was the one also feeding the kid during the night…
  • 20 minutes of total nap time for myself. You’d think I would try to capitalize on the kid being quiet for 10 minutes straight……
  • 1-2 comments on my blog. I know this sucker isn’t the best read…but it makes me feel it also isn’t any type of read for people.
  • 2-3 clothing changes due to spit up.
  • Sigh. And now, back to work. I said, “back to work”!