Mother’s Day was fun I suppose. The kid went to visit her grandparents. Oh no no, I didn’t mean to seem like “eh, the trip was whatevs because we had to travel to New Hampshire”. Rather, our poor Baby Rangirl was sick for the first time!!

Go figure. She turned exactly 3 months old this past Friday and came down with her first cold ever as celebration. We use a babysitter who watches another kid and for fear of getting that one sick, we kept our baby home while Mommy Ranman stayed with her. Reading, and boy do I mean reading, a lot online we expected a cranky little rugrat this past Mother’s Day weekend.

Instead, we got the happiest baby girl ever! This punk was talking up a storm and only crying when she was tired or hungry. All through the most stuffy nose I have ever seen. We did our best to help her- at the hotel I’d take a hot shower and when I was done, Mommy Ranman took our baby into the bathroom to take in the steam as a make-shift humidifier. She slept like, well a baby I guess.

When we got back from our trip, Mommy Ranman took Baby Rangirl for a walk outside where a passing neighbor wisher her a happy Mother’s Day. Now, Mommy Ranman has lost most of her pregnancy weight and still looks young…which made her wonder how delusional that statement really is. Don’t worry, Mommy Ranman. You don’t look divorceable just yet.