During a recent bath time we witnessed what will probably be one of few “firsts” experienced with our little girl. Since she’s been going to the babysitter during our parental absence to put food on the table…or milk in the bottle…our daughter will likely be performing all of her first words, crawls, steps, etc. at the the sitter.

Whilst laying a warm washcloth on Baby Rangirl’s tummy she let out what can only be considered the first giggle. It was amazing and cute as heck. You forget that as she gets too big for clothes that there’s still things the little rugrat has yet to do.

Including also her first attempt at trying to breast feed! Well, not really. Technically. The girl made a suckling attempt a mine own teats. Though daddy can’t produce much from his bosom, I appreciate the attempt at a bonding session between father and child.


Imagine those things gunning for you with full intentions of receiving milk.