Bath time at the Ranmans is efficient. I want to actually call up Al Gore and let him know just how green we are. Hippies around the world would rejoice and take notes …maybe set up hippie camp on our lawn as they try learn the secrets of keeping the water bill to an acceptable amount.

Here’s what you do reader. I’ll tell you so that there will be no need to park up on our lawn.

1) Have a kid. What’s the point of going green when you’re single? Hmm. Unless you have baby momma drama and now you’re a single parent.

2) Set up a kiddie bathtub next to a sink. Bathroom or kitchen- it’s all good.

3) Insert said kid from Step 1 into the tub mentioned in Step 2. Be sure the kid’s clothes are removed and watch out for pee. My daughter has caught me twice from the transition from of changing table to the tub near the kitchen sink which is only a mere 12 feet apart.

4) Have your loved one help you bathe the kid.

5) In a matter of minutes watch your child bang her feet like an insane asylum patient into the water as you both get drenched. The water will spray you in rapid secession – be prepared to turn around so some of that splash hits your back.

6) Lather. Rinse. Repeat. And with this family bath you have saved money and water. It’s going to get wet!

After the tub is removed, the aftermath still remains.