You may notice by now that the Daddy Ranman doesn’t hit you, Baby Rangirl. Heck even with these extra rolls you’ve been displaying in the legs…you get no disciplining. But what happens when you do need a whooping? Or a time out to cool down?

Well, I’ve been disciplining the cat for some time. It’s the only kid I know. So I employ the same strategies with you. Blow some breeze on your face. You won’t drink your bottle? Boom. Batch of hot wind in your face. Oh, you feel the need to get your hands in my way when trying to feed you? Superman isn’t the only one with Gail force winds in a single breath.

My favorite is when you are dozing off. I need you to finish this very expensive milk that daddy purchased. There will be no waste. The surprised look on your face after the breeze hits your face is way too cute and rewarding.

But again, what do I do when it’s time for some real disciplining? Like the example below- you’re eyeing daddy’s stuffed shells. It’s only a matter of time before you want some of daddy’s food. Daddy doesn’t enjoy sharing food. A whooping is likely.